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How efficient are Facebook & Google ads for BigCommerce?


average ROAS

The main reason why a business needs online advertising is to sell more. Once you create a product catalog, set up Facebook Pixel events to track customer data and create your first campaign, you can, on average, get $200-$300 in sales for every $100 you spend on ads. It is possible to get a higher average return - say, 6x-7x - if you use a right plugin for WooCommerce like RetargetApp.


online stores

installed RetargetApp



across Facebook, Instagram, and Google

WooCommerce Facebook Retargeting and Google Shopping ads may seem complicated - but with a great tool like RetargetApp it will be worth every dime of your ad investment.

Automate Facebook and Google ads for your WooCommerce store with RetargetApp!

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Is my WooCommerce store ready for Facebook & Google ads?

Facebook and Google have a list of products that can be promotes on these platforms. Before you start advertising online, make sure that your store doesn't feature:
  • tobacco and smoking-related products

  • drugs and related paraphenalia

  • weapons and ammo

  • 18+ products (adult themes or nudity)

  • copyrighted products

Read the full list here.

How do I create Facebook & Google ads for WooCommerce?

The easiest way to run online ads is to get RetargetApp Integration for WooCommerce. To begin with, you need to make sure that:
  • you have at least 1 product available

  • you have at least 3000 monthly store visitors

You will then need to:
  • see if your domain is verified on Facebook

  • check the WooCommerce Facebook Pixel events settings

That's it - RetargetApp will then create the product catalog, create custom audiences if necessary, create a variety of dynamic product ads and set up conversion tracking - all to make sure that more people come to your store, initiate checkout and buy from you!

See the full checklist here.
If you aren't sure how to set up WooComeerce x Facebook or Google integration - or got any other questions - just message us at help@retargetapp.com or via the in-app chat. Our Support specialists are there for you 7 days a week!

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