6x ROAS and sales for online stores with automated retargeting ads
Run high-ROAS, fully automated ads on Fаcеbооk and Іnstаgrаm
Up to 100% more sales and at least 6x ROAS
10k+ happy clients who trust us since 2015
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Certified Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Facebook Marketing Partner
RetargetApp can help you with
The first ad you run with the app. Re-engage your website visitors
Once the app tracks enough sales and adds to cart, you can attract brand new visitors
If your Account Manager sees a Cross-Sell opportunity, you can sell more to existing clients
If your product catalog is diverse enough, you can offer more expensive versions of your products
How it works
RetargetApp tracks visitors
on your product pages
To reach your potential customers, the app creates new ads with the product they viewed on 11 different placements
As a result, people return
to your store and buy from you
The given prices are approximate.
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Retargeting + Prospecting
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Easy to use app and get some results so far. After 10 days install, i got 13X returns from ads spent, not bad ($300 ads spent and got $3900 revenue
App has worked great during trial period. More than tripled my ROAS. Would recommend to anyone that does not have the time to handle Facebook ads on their own
It's a wonderful app! Very easy to use and effective! I just started using it and I'm already seeing results.
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