Retargeting on WooCommerce is now super easy — with RetargetApp

This day calls for a loud “Woohoo!” as we proudly announce that RetargetApp is now available on WooCommerce.

An advertising plugin like no other

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Now, more than 3M online stores worldwide can start advertising on popular platforms in a matter of minutes. All they need to do is get RetargetApp — a web app that helps create, manage and optimize Facebook and Google campaigns that don’t cost you a fortune and actually bring you more sales.

Get more sales with Retargeting

Unleash the power of retargeting for your WooCommerce store. Re-engage your site visitors who didn’t make a purchase with fully automated Facebook and Instagram ads.

Bring even more sales with personalized retargeting ads on Facebook and remarketing ads on Google for the cart-abandoners who are most likely to make a purchase. Get 6x-10x return on ad spend effortlessly.

Acquire new purchasers with Prospecting

Expand your reach by showing relevant ads to potential purchasers who haven’t visited your site yet. Prospecting ads powered by RetargetApp bring at least 3–5x ROAS.

Pay as you grow

Retargeting for a WooCommerce-based store is not only effective — it is also very affordable. With RetargetApp, you only pay a monthly fee based on your ad spend within the current billing period. The prices start at as low as $19 for 30 days of service:

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RetargetApp pricing plans are based on your ad spend with the app.

You can learn more about prices for RetargetApp — the best retargeting tool for WooCommerce — in this article.

If you haven’t tried RetargetApp yet, today is the best time to do so — get it today and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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