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Are you looking for a solution to cart abandonment problem? Look no further! Show the right ads to the right customers and make more sales with the power of Facebook Dynamic Ads!

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Re-engagement of website visitors with automatically created ads of the previously viewed products

Ad creation and optimization process using machine learning tech

Tracking campaign results with a breakdown of important ad metrics available.

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We charge additional 10% of the advertising spent and won’t withdraw any additional commissions from sales.

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On average, our customers generate extra $10 for every dollar spent.

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Unlike any other retargeting company, we have automated the setup process, so you can run your first campaign in just a few clicks.

Personalised Ads
on Facebook

RetargetApp shows each user the product he/she has previously viewed on your website to make the ads as relevant as they can be.

Cross Device Reach

Your customers check Facebook every day,
multiple times on multiple devices. Reach them across desktop and mobile with customized dynamic ads.

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Easily connect your Shopify store with RetargetApp
In just two clicks, the app builds the ads
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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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